About us

What is Learning Management System

LMS is an intelligence learning technology platform which provides top rated online interactive and recorded video lectures of all subjects of CA (Pak), ACCA, ACMA, PIPFA, CSS, PMS, ECAT, MDCAT, University and College Courses and Entry Tests. As situation around the globe is pandemic which requires online mode of education. Students of the era are privileged enough to have access to quality education at affordable rates through LMS. Our dedicated online interactive and recorded lectures are available for national and international students around the globe at affordable rates. Students can take advantage to learn at their own pace and understanding of native language Urdu and as well as in English.

We are using latest technology for recording of lectures to enable the student to understand the concept more easily than physical classes. We are using blended technology, Learning Glass technology and interactive whiteboard which enhance the understandability of the lectures. Notes of each subject are also uploaded in student portal. Every student enrolled for a subject can take benefit from these notes and use them during taking online lectures.

We have inserted a mechanism which will judge the level of understanding of the student during and after completion of specific topic. Student will require to complete the puzzle to continue further. Teacher will get the report of all enrolled student either they have understood the topic or not. Their lacking will be highlighted and report will be generated on overall score in the different topics of the subject.

Recorded lectures, practice questions study notes, past papers, tests and, mock assessments will help you to check your skills and understanding. Tests are checked regularly and marks are updated on timely basis so that student can judge their current position in any topic. Online test facility is also inserted to tackle the hurdle of physical appearance of the student.

Special MCQs portal is designed for AFC and other courses which are examined by ICAP and other bodies through Computer Bases Examination (CBE) system. Students can enroll for online test session. All those students who will enroll for relevant subject will have free access to online test session of the said subject.